Our items have definitely been used before. Our desire is to help you find that item that is no longer in stores and that you want so much. Although they are used, it is also true that they are clean, without holes and with a lot of life to make those who are looking for them happy. This does not mean that they do not show signs of use, but rather that they have been carefully cleaned and disinfected. Whenever you receive it, you must wash or sanitize it at your discretion. Some of our items may have a tag, but they are still in the used category because for some reason such as wrong size etc., they were put up for sale on this page.
When you make your purchase and the payment is duly cleared by paypal, there are two days for your item to be shipped. If your purchase was made on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, definitely those two days start counting from the following Monday. When your purchase is shipped you will receive a tracking number issued by USPS. We normally use first class shipping, so it takes between 3-6 days. So your purchase is being tracked from the time it is shipped, until it is delivered to the place you indicated when filling out your order. Our greatest desire is to serve you in the best way!
The supplies we use to ship the items some are new and some are recycled. But, both the boxes and shipping bags are always disinfected.